Thirteen days into the search for Malaysian Air flight 370 and we’re starting to get desperate. Even aviation expert Courtney Love wasn’t able to pinpoint the missing plane, and if she can’t do it, who can?

Not to fret, the answer was right in front of our faces all along. Apparently Miami recording artist/legendary party-starter Pitbull predicted this plane crash two years ago with his hit, “Get It Started.” It’s clear as day, people! YouTube commenters on the song’s music video are convinced that various lyrics are references to components of the flight and its passengers.

Al Aribaya News points out:

“Lines in the song include ‘Now it’s off to Malaysia,’ and ‘two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.’

The reference to two passports relates to the stolen passports used by two Iranians to board the flight, the three cities refers to the capitals of China, Malaysia and Vietnam, while the two countries are Vietnam and Malaysia, some users claim.

Other correlating lyrics include ‘No Ali, no Frasier, but for now, off to Malaysia.’ In the hit song, the lyrics refer to the former U.S. boxing champions, but, as YouTube users have pointed out, one of the two Iranian passengers was dubbed ‘Mr. Ali’ by some news outlets.”

It’s all coming together, folks. More on this when we dissect the song “Give Me Everything,” (because clearly that Ne-Yo is up to something too). In the meantime, keep a close eye on this Pitbull character, he knows things.