Two days before it was set to debut, the trailer for “Jurassic World,” the latest dino adventure flick from executive producer Steven Spielberg, hit YouTube. And despite our worst fears after the terribleness of 2001’s “Jurassic Park III,” it looks pretty flippin’ amazing.

Here’s the four things I’m most excited about after watching the trailer.

1. Chris Pratt!
The dude has proved time and time again he’s way more than schlubby Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation” with killer performances in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Lego Movie,” “Moneyball” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” And now he’ll have a chance to anchor yet another blockbuster franchise. Not bad for a dude who eats pens.

andy dwyer pen

2. Jurassic Sea World!
The original “Jurassic Park” was sorely lacking in aquatic dinos, which to me are arguably more terrifying than any T-Rex. But the Sea World-esque amusement park in which a Great White shark is fed to some sort of prehistoric dino-croc made me audibly gasp.

3. Hybrid dinosaurs!
The big baddie in this film appears to be some sort of hyper-intelligent hybrid dinosaur cooked up in a lab by Bryce Dallas Howard’s sexy but misguided scientist. Keeping the dino out of the trailers is a good move, because after seeing how cool the other beasts looked in the trailer, I’m dying for more. I’m guessing it will look slightly better than the hybrid monsters of SyFy original movies. (Seriously, what the hell is a pteracuda?)


4. Steven Spielberg!
While the legendary director did not step behind the camera for this film, his involvement should be endorsement enough — as long as he didn’t executive produce another “Men in Black II.”