The dress is white and gold.

Some people, who are liars, claim that it’s black and blue.

It began as a Tumblr post by a woman who couldn’t tell if a dress she was looking at was white and gold or black and blue (it’s white and gold). Now, it’s a nationwide crisis.

What the hell color is this dress?


(It’s white and gold.)

The freakouts began on Tumblr.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.44.36 PM

Then spilled over into Twitter.

Mindy Kaling chimed in, incorrectly.

Then B.J. Novak corrected her.

Then Mindy Kaling chimed in again, bless her heart.

Then Taylor Swift lied herself into a breakdown.

Relationships were ruined.

Dress truthers emerged.

Elizabeth Banks short-circuited.

This guy tried to distract everyone from what was really important.

But here’s where it starts to get creepy.

Before, when I looked at the dress, I thought it was white and gold.

Then, I thought it was black and blue (which it is).


giphy (1)

Let’s go back to the that dress for a second.


Could it be…

giphy (2)

Yep. Black and blue.