With Juno poised to wreak wintry havoc on Boston’s streets for the next several hours, you’re likely starting to suffer from a bit of cabin fever. 

Don’t worry, all of this snow will need to be shoveled soon enough, so start stretching out your back. But for those who have no car and live in an apartment building, there is no obligation to shovel, and getting outdoors is more for the sake of recreation. At times, this requires creativity.  You’ve built one snowman, you’ve built ’em all. But have you ever snowboarded down Beacon Hill like this bro?

Recorded using a GoPro after last year’s Winter Storm Nemo, this video is proof that New England’s scary amount of snowfall can turn any urban setting into snowboarding terrain. The boarder shreds his way down Pinckney Street with finesse, dodging shovelers and buried cars along his ride. If nothing else, it’s proof that snow can still be fun, even when you’re grown up.