twitter chatter

The Golden Globes show provided its traditional spectacle last night. A lot of movies and television shows won deserving awards, hosts Tina Few and Amy Poehler made some racy Bill Cosby jokes, Jennifer Lopez’s cleavage-baring dress accelerated puberty for 11-year-old boys everywhere, and Jennifer Lawrence skipped the whole thing to hang out in Boston instead.

The biggest upset of the night didn’t come until late, when Showtime’s freshman show “The Affair” knocked off heavy hitters “Game of Thrones,” “House of Cards,” “Downton Abbey” and “The Good Wife” to win Best Drama. And people on Twitter were understandably upset.

As is often the nature of Twitter, users voiced their opinion in uncreative and downright asinine ways. The most common refrain was “What is ‘The Affair,’ I’ve never even heard of it, so obviously it shouldn’t have beaten ‘Game of Thrones.'” Which is perfectly logical if you think every award show should be a popularity contest. If so, feel free to hand all the Grammys to Justin Bieber and One Direction right now.

Here’s a collection of some of the best (or worst, depending on your view) responses to the major upset.