As we get closer to October 31st, party hosts are carefully selecting songs to create their most epic Halloween playlists. But lets be real; most playlists are just a rotation of overplayed Halloween “anthems”, recycled year after year. Here are five songs that have worn out their place in the All Hallows’ Eve tradition. 

We promise none of the following songs will be played at this year’s RadioBDC Retro Halloween Ball. Join us Halloween night at Ned Devine’s. Party starts at 9pm. RSVP here.



1. Rockwell- Somebody’s Watching Me
Many consider this a classic from the King of Pop. Except this song does not actually belong to Michael Jackson. MJ is often mistakenly given credit for Rockwell’s 1984 hit; which is not surprising since the chorus is the only part of the song people actually remember.

2. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff- A Nightmare On My Street
Only Will Smith would pen a whimsical, family friendly ode to Nightmare on Elm Street. Not surprisingly, Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff created maybe one of the cheesiest Halloween songs of all time.

3. Bobby “Boris” Pickett- Monster Mash
This horribly cliché song could be considered the unofficial anthem of the season. It’s the song that creeps its way into everyone’s playlist year after year and refuses to stay away. I vote we send this gimmicky doo-wop song back to the graveyard.

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show- The Time Warp
Rocky Horror is a cult classic and an obligatory movie to watch this time of year. But I am tired of jumping to the left and stepping to the right and I would prefer to never see another pelvic thrust again.

5. Michael Jackson- Thriller
Thriller is, without a doubt, the most expected song of the Halloween season. The building bassline and spooky sound effects are a crowd favorite, guaranteed to inspire at least a few people to awkwardly recreate the classic choreography.