The pitch wasn’t even the best part. It was what led up to it.

Shortly after launching RadioBDC, I was informed that part of the promotional push for our brand new streaming radio station would involve me throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game. I promptly lost my everloving mind, as I love the game of baseball dearly and am a rabid Red Sox fan.

Two of my colleagues, Chris Rattey and Mark Lewis, came up with an idea: a series of videos leading up to the first pitch. First up, a lesson from RadioBDC Sales Legend Johnny L.

Next up, a cameo from my father, as we put together our very own Field of Dreams…in the Boston Globe parking lot.

The pitch itself wasn’t nearly as entertaining.

Although, I was invited back in 2013 to do it again, and that pitch was the epitome of entertaining.

For the record, I did tell the ball attendant I was going to throw a hard strike. And I did apologize profusely for the fact that the hard strike I threw ended in a glancing blow to her face.

I wonder why they haven’t brought me back for a third go of it?