Think you need some inspiration for your holiday shopping? Try working at Target for the Black Friday shift. Luckily, for one location, which opened at 6 p.m. on Thursday this year, a manager known solely at “#scot from Target” was on hand to provide a dose of motivation.

Using the checkout counter as his stage, #scot gave a rousing pump-up performance that would’ve gotten the “Braveheart” seal of approval. Suspendered and mustached, as any good leader usually is, #scot had the magic words to bring some bright spots to an otherwise overly-aggressive and soulless consumer holiday. #scot, we salute you, and will try our best to stay focused this holiday season.

You’re now our second favorite Target employee of all time, edging out #AlexFromTarget, but still trailing Kristen Wiig:


[via Reddit]