One of the earliest licks a young shredder will learn in the 21st century is “Undone (The Sweater Song)” by Weezer. Now, this riff isn’t “When I Come Around,” or “All The Small Things,” the signature “Blue Album” plucks demand a bit of finesse– finesse that only a semi-alt group of middle schoolers can master.

Such was the case with this fine quartet of rock gods in training. Wielding only the finest Guitar Center gear, including a super fresh looking electric drum kit, the fearsome foursome embarked on the slow, but menacing jam about heroin use. It was all going well, the lead guitarist engagingly staring at his fretboard as he picked the opening notes with 65% accuracy. The band was really beginning to hit its stride- the drummer cautiously tapping his rubber ride cymbal as he gazed into the crowd, making mental notes of which chicks seemed to be digging him, the bassist recognizing his badassery with a finger splint on and a stand of sheet music before him, and the keyboardist, anxiously awaiting his opening notes. Just as the pianist comes in for the verse, however, disaster strikes.

Lesson learned: this is why we use keytars. This “learning experience” caught on camera has since gone viral, making these four amateurs more famous than your favorite local band that has probably been playing shows for years. In all fairness though, they take it with grace, calling upon their three roadies to clean all their shit up instead of stooping to the level of rock rookies. They play it off well, and still managed to produce noise far more pleasant than anything Weezer has produced in the last decade anyway.