{“data”:[{“type”:”text”,”data”:{“text”:”**Like a lot of girls, I have my work husband. We hang out a lot at the office, and sometimes grab drinks or play trivia after work. Occasionally we’ll text each other something funny or post on each other’s Facebook walls. It’s definitely flirty, but things were always on this side of the line…until our last work event. Both of us got a little drunk, and went to a post\\-bar, and after the rest of the office crew cleared out, we kept going and wound up at my place. The next day at work, he pulled me aside and we had a little \”this can’t happen again\” talk. He’s seeing someone and it was a mistake blah blah. After a couple weeks, though, we were flirting again. Now our holiday party is coming up. I’m actually pretty interested in this guy, and I want to make a pass at him, but I don’t want to be \”a mistake\” again. Should I just tell him how I feel after a couple eggnogs?**\n”}},{“type”:”html”,”data”:{“text”:”“}},{“type”:”text”,”data”:{“text”:”**\\-The Other Wife**\n\nDefinitely guzzle down a couple eggnogs, then prepare to get sexy…\n\n…with your Tinder profile. You need to start looking somewhere\\-\\-ANYWHERE\\-\\-else for your hookups. \n\nYes, there have been office romances that have worked out in the past, but this one has about a thousand red flags. He’s seeing someone else, you’ve only ever hooked up when drunk, the minute he sobered up he told you \”never again,\” and yet you’re still puppy\\-dogging, which starts the relationship off with a weird level of masochism from you \\(for goodness’ sake, we should all want to be with people who at least TELL us they want to be with us\\). \n\nBeyond that, he’s a cheater.\n\nYou may not believe the old maxim \”a cheater’s always a cheater,\” but a recent study shows that there’s some truth to it. According to [research published in the _Journal of Research in Personality_](, mates who allow themselves to be poached from one relationship tend to be just as shitty and uncommitted in the next one. \n\nSo you’d be going through the trouble, potential drama, and shitty\\-persondom of stealing someone else’s guy just to wind up with a guy who’s not only more likely to think of monogamy as a \”reach goal,\” he’s more likely to be \”socially passive, not particularly nice to others, careless and irresponsible, and narcissistic.\” \n\nLay off the work flirting and find someone who isn’t embarrassed of you the next day. Not only will it give you a better relationship, it might help your next performance review, too.\n”}}]}