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The Open Internet Will Keep Us Stupid and Happy

Two stupid internet memes captured the world’s attention yesterday.

One was a police chase involving two llamas. The other, a dress that nearly plunged the nation into civil war.

It’s a sublime coincidence that both occurred on the same day that the FCC classified the Internet as a public utility.


Bar discussion: BPD goes all Elmer Fudd to catch bad guys

There’s even more snow on the way this weekend, and you know what that means … its time to bundle up until you’re a shapeless blob and drink just to fight off the cold, like those polar bears in those Coke ads (you didn’t really think they were just drinking soda, did you?). Warm up with a hot toddy — not a euphemism! — and a laugh about this week’s news, from casino wars to South End parking enthusiasts to dumb criminals. More