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Dark Roast Updated
Sponsored: What’s the Big Deal About Dunkin’s New Dark Roast?

If you’ve walked by your local Dunkin’ Donuts lately, you’ve probably noticed a large sign in the window or a sandwich board on the street, shouting one message: “Dark Roast is here.”

And indeed it is.

This past September, Dunkin’ Donuts¬†started serving up a Dark Roast in its stores as a hot or iced coffee. Both versions promised what coffee drinkers would consider the nirvana of the dark roast experience–a bold taste, smooth finish, and none of the bitter or burnt tastes that are easy to associate with dark roast gone very, very wrong.

So, who’s drinking this new brew?

Some local filmmakers took to the streets to see who’s drinking the¬†new dark roast in hot and iced forms.