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All 18 Mike’s Pastry Cannoli, Ranked From Worst to Best

To a Boston resident, the blue and white pastry box neatly tied with a piece of string is as familiar as the Prudential Tower or the Citgo sign. No matter where you are in the city, it’s practically impossible to escape the sight of Mike’s Pastry. Few feelings rival the excitement of untying the string that separates you from a coveted cannoli and, more importantly, that heavenly first bite.

Home to 18 cannoli flavors ranging from Hazelnut to Mint Chip, people line up in the bakery, out the door, and spill onto Hanover Street for all kinds of pastries, but let’s be honest, mostly the cannoli. And so, for the greater good, we took it upon ourselves to taste and subjectively rank all 18 Mike’s Pastry cannoli to find out which one reigns supreme.