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The Knuckles: Hall of Fame Snubs and Play-Time Bellyachers

In this space sits the debut of a new feature we’ve cooked up just for you. Once a week, we will dole out The Knuckles, theoretical bronze, silver and gold medals given to the previ0us week’s biggest, most blithering, well… knuckleheads. The Knuckles aren’t limited to just human beings either. Inanimate objects and abstract concepts are very much in play, as you will see below. And while we will try to skew local when handing out The Knuckles, if someone or something on the national scene proves worthy of these prestigious honors, a Knuckle will be bestowed, geography be damned. Also, if you have a potential nominee in mind, please feel free to shoot over an email. Just click on the mail icon right there on the left hand side next to that funny looking photo of me.