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The Pitch: An Introduction to Boston’s Rich Busking Tradition

Spring is really truly here now. The proof is in the crocuses that have started to emerge in every yard and traffic island.

With an equivalent ability to add hints of brightness and color to our formerly frigid days, Boston’s hardy buskers are also starting to emerge into our street corners and squares after a tough winter underground in the subway. Or worse—slogging away at off-season jobs. More

How to whine about the Boston Music Awards nominations

The ballot for the 2013 Boston Music Awards was revealed today, and with it comes what is probably the second biggest event of the local music scene every year: Bitching about the Boston Music Awards. If you happen to have friends in bands, or be in one yourself, you’re likely to see a deluge of complaints in your social media feeds for the next few days. Then we’ll do the whole thing all over again as the Dec. 8 event approaches. This is as it should be, because if there’s one thing that we do better than churn out good music around here, it’s constantly pick apart and whine about every other fucking thing. More