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A St. Patrick’s Day lesson for Mayor Walsh and MassEquality

It was reported Thursday that Mayor Marty Walsh would try one more time to broker a deal between organizers of South Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a gay rights group that would allow a group of gay veterans to march on Sunday.

At the beginning of the month, Walsh seemed to have squashed the decade-old controversy when the Allied War Veterans Council, the sponsors of the parade, extended an invitation, negotiated by the new mayor, to the advocacy group MassEquality to march under its own banner.

The deal did come with the proviso that the group not wear shirts or hold signs that make specific reference to sexual orientation, but it was nonetheless enough for Walsh to praise the agreement and subsequent invitation as the “biggest step in 20 years” toward full inclusion.

There’s a lesson to be learned here if you’re Walsh or MassEquality. More