After a tough winter, the MBTA is offering a one-time deal of free rides on all their services this Friday, April 24, and a 15 percent discount on monthly passes for May. While it’s uncertain if a day of complimentary service can actually pacify the lingering frustration of its commuters, it’s a great opportunity to ride the subway, buses and commuter rail trains as much as you want at no cost.

“We are very grateful to the participating businesses for providing these discounts at no cost to the T or its customers,” said MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesatauro in an email. “For Friday’s ‘free day’ and the 15% discount on all monthly and weekly passes in May, the cost [for the MBTA] is estimated at $5 million ($1.4 million [for free rides] + $3.6 million [for monthly pass discount]).”

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