I’ve been thinking about that perfect summer mix, full of songs to twist by the pool or crank up beach-side. And I’ve been thinking of old favorites. So here are some older songs to add to the summer blend as you enjoy the good weather.

1. Martha and the Muffins “Echo Beach”
Great for a bit of beach volleyball before you head in for that first dip.

2. Blondie “The Tide Is High”
For those who aren’t afraid to party at 4:20.

3. James “Laid”
Do I really have to explain this one?

4. The Housemartins “Happy Hour”
Cocktail, anyone?

5. Cheap Trick “Surrender”
So now you’re buzzed & wanna sing? This song’s perfect for that.

6. David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”
And while the partygoers keep singing by the campfire, add this to the mix.

7. The Selecter “Too Much Pressure”
Skank it up!

8. Buffalo Tom “Summer”
Need to have some great local music to round out your mix.

9. Bob Marley “Stir It Up”
Ending it on an irie note, mon.