If you liked my 80s Summer Mixtape, you’ll like my 90s Summer Mixtape. And if you didn’t like my 80s Summer Mixtape because you’re too young to remember any of those 80s summer jams, well maybe the 90s mix will suit you better.

Snap “The Power”
The summer of 1990. I still have this on cassingle.

EMF “Unbelievable”
In 1990, Andrew Dice Clay starred in ‘The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.’ The following summer, EMF sampled the ribald comic and ended up with a big hit.

Jesus Jones “Right Here, Right Now”
Number 2 on the Billboard Top 100, July of 1991.

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge”
1992 was the first big commercial alternative summer, and the Chili’s ballad was one of the biggest hits of the season.

Pearl Jam “Alive”
MTV VJ Steve Isaacs introed this clip on-air approximately 14,792 times during the summer of 1992.

Beastie Boys “So What Cha Want?”
If you had a tape deck in the summer of ’92, you probably had ‘Check Your Head’ wedged into it. Only the Beasties could be cool enough to make you want to wear a winter hat in the summertime.

Hum “Stars”
That girl you liked? In the summer of ’95? She’s out back counting stars…

Monster Magnet “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”
The closest Monster Magnet ever came to a “hit” was with this drugged-out bit of space rock in the summer of 1995.

Edwyn Collins “A Girl Like You”
What’s a summer without a beachy, old-school one-hit wonder? This was that in the summer of ’95.

Beck “Where It’s At”
Beck’s “Odelay” was where it was at in the summer of 1996.

The Chemical Brothers “Block Rockin’ Beats”
If you were old enough to rave in the summer of ’97 (or wily enough to sneak in), you probably remember this one. Or a hundred other tracks that sounded like it.

Foo Fighters “Everlong”
THE song of the summer of 1997.

Chumbawamba “Tubthumping”
Scratch that; reverse it: THIS was THE song of the summer of 1997.

Lit “My Own Worst Enemy”
A punky little slice of power-pop to close out the decade with the summer of 1999.