If you’re stuck in a million hours of traffic this holiday week, we got your back for at least eight songs’ worth of time. They’re good ones, though, and one is 45 years old but still sounds fresh as ever in its newly-released form. There’s also some new local love and some Riff Raff to either laugh at, vibe to, or both.

1. The Velvet Underground – “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore”
This previously unreleased recording was dusted off the other day, and will appear on a three-disc reissue of The Velvet Underground’s “White Light/White Heat” to commemorate its 45th anniversary. The track more or less remains true to the primitive garagey feel of the band’s early work, led by a snarly lick and a repetitive verse. Certainly a good treasure to find.

2. Boytoy – “Visits”
This Brooklyn-based trio is relatively new, but features members of longtime local heroes You Can Be A Wesley. While “Visits” isn’t necessarily a new track, the video is fresh out of the package and features former Saturday Night Live funnyman Horatio Sanz.

3. Riff Raff (Prod. DJ Mustard) – “How To Be The Man”
Meme rap goofball Riff Raff is good for laughs, but he can also drop some pretty hot tracks. On this track, he refers to himself as “the white Danny Glover” one minute and “the white Eddie Murphy” the next. It’s true Riff Raff and if you’re not a hater, it’s pretty awesome.

4. Grass Is Green – “Vacation 2.0″
Local quartet Grass is Green is one of the O.G.’s on Exploding in Sound Records, a label that has (no pun intended) blown up in the past year or so. Now with the release of this punchy first single, the band is readying its new album, “Vacation Vinny,” due in January.

5. Superchunk – “Void”
This tune by Chapel Hill punk vets Superchunk isn’t all that new, as it appeared on the band’s latest, “I Hate Music,” but this new video for it pokes fun at aging rockers, and features Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser (AKA “Jam” from “Parks & Rec”). The video was shot at Brooklyn DIY hotspot Shea Stadium and has appearances from Shea regulars like Ava Luna and Lost Boy.

6. Febueder – “Sloppiness Tank”
British trio Febueder get soft of an alt-J vibe, combining electronic and orchestrated pop elements with interesting vocal contributions. “Sloppiness Tank” is a solid representation of what kind of stuff the band is all about.

7. Tidal Arms – “Beach Torture”
Brooklyn trio “Tidal Arms” has put years of work into its latest self-titled LP, which was released independently yesterday. While “Beach Torture” is a slow-burning guitar piece with an explosive apex, the entire album ranges from menacing doom rock to lyrically driven droned-out balladry. The band has an interesting dynamic, and best of all, they have local ties!

Tidal Arms by Tidal Arms

8. Tom Aspaul (Prod. FTSE) – “Pioneer”
Gentle-voiced British soul man Tom Aspaul teams up producer FTSE for an electro-pop jam reminiscent of Drake’s latest monster jam “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” While Aspaul nails it a bit more naturally on the vocal front, the futuristic production rubs closely to that of Drake collaborator Majid Jordan.