Straight Outta Bandcamp is a regular feature on BDCwire that digs up solid recent releases from various artists in the wild Internet dreamland known as Bandcamp. A bit too much time spent tag-surfing the bandcamp pages of rockers near and far can yield extremely enjoyable results. Luckily, we’re here to share our discoveries with you.

New York trio Palberta has been putting out recordings for almost a year now, one of which was a split with Boston noisemakers New England Patriots. While Palberta’s sound encompasses many of the best qualities as Patriots — an oddball approach to punk, a bizarre-to-the-point-of-intimidating disposition, and an extremely right-brained approach to shuffling time signatures and sounds — the band finds a unique take on dream pop on its latest, “Shitheads in the Ditch,” which says something coming from a scene as diverse as Brooklyn.

A tune like “My Plan” for example, begins as smooth and jazzy, but envelops into a dose of wild noise-punk, mixing violent Guerilla Toss style guitar shreds with chanting vocals. The next track, “Ring the Round Up” is an entirely different beast, bewildering with traded vocal parts that crescendo into an aggressive rhythmic section. “Shitheads in the Ditch” certainly won’t translate with every listener, but it’s the trade-off for taking creative risks on every track. And depending on your musical palate, some of these risks may come off as bold and thrilling. Check out “Shitheads in the Ditch” streaming below, and look for Palberta on tour.