Straight Outta Bandcamp is a regular feature on BDCwire that digs up solid recent releases from various artists in the wild Internet dreamland known as Bandcamp. A bit too much time spent tag-surfing the bandcamp pages of rockers near and far can yield extremely enjoyable results. Luckily, we’re here to share our discoveries with you.

It’s easy to look at Boston quartet CreaturoS as a veteran group in the local psych scene, as many of its members are graduates of notable acts like Doomstar, Fedavees, Hallelujah the Hills, and SKIMASK. In reality, the band has released two albums in just a few short years and is progressively finding its footing, but that might just be the exciting part. CreaturoS isn’t a group to rest on its stylistic laurels. Their sophomore effort, “Popsicle” released just a couple of weeks ago, mirrors the experimental approach to garage rock that has essentially been the bands evolution.

Thick, curdled doses of guitar characterize one angle of CreaturoS, giving those still wading in the loss of MMOSS something to smile about with liberated jams on tracks like “The Master’s Dope.” At other times, the band feeds off of a more ’70s solid gold AM fascination with the moustache groover of “Short Shorts,” akin to Burger Records stalwarts like King Tuff. Lead man Spenser Gralla has a rare sixth sense for finding the delicate balance between overly washed-out and perfectly plugged-in, making for hooks that could resonate with a broad span of listeners while keeping the basement freaks nodding. And as is common of any good local rock band, “Popsicle” is over in under twenty-five minutes, but not before you come away dazed and reeking of someone else’s sweat.