Straight Outta Bandcamp is a regular feature on BDCwire that digs up solid recent releases from various artists in the wild Internet dreamland known as Bandcamp. A bit too much time spent tag-surfing the bandcamp pages of rockers near and far can yield extremely enjoyable results. Luckily, we’re here to share our discoveries with you.

Transcontinental rock is at a very interesting spot. From the American perspective, it’s easy (but ignorant) to look at British rock as outdated, even too stuck in its old ways. In reality, we may just be a bit too distracted by the fascinating things going on on our home turf– the rejuvenated fascination with garage styles and the independent labels that yield them, that we forget to look across the pond.

This week’s release,  a 5-song self-titled EP from London-based brunch, is literally the best of both worlds. Three Brits and a ‘Merican make an engaging melange of attack styles, moving from all gears forward in “Milk” to more disjointed grooves in “Sea Toad.” The EP was recorded with Luke Pyenson on drums, who locals may recognize as the former beatmaker of Krill. While it’s difficult to compare the two, both being very defined derivations of rock influences, there is some point of similarity in their meditative lyricism. Don’t let the grungy wash distract you, the album’s off-kilter verses fit quite nicely. While Pyenson’s days are numbered with band, as he’s moving back to America, he’s bringing them ashore for a US tour to kick off the fall. Give the “Brunch” EP a spin, and keep your eyes out for US dates in the coming weeks.