Remember when the original Star Wars trilogy premiered and all we wanted to do was become a Jedi Knight? And remember how those awesome lightsabers were not only the coolest weapons you’ve ever seen, but also probably the brightest parts of the film? 

What if the whole movie looked like a lightsaber?

A digital artist known as Neonardo has redone the “Force Awakens” trailer, creating a neon remix of the original teaser. The illuminating lights added a very Tron-like feel, making the dark side a little less so.

Many have tried their hand at recreating different interpretations from adding to the original trailer, a Guardians of the Galaxy element to a Disney parody to even a Lego Star Wars version. This one’s the best of the bunch.

Neonardo has also dedicated his talents to other recognizable characters:

 He’s also got a new trailer in the in the works. 

Our bets are on “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.” 

Be sure to catch the new Star Wars film on Dec. 18.