Fancy Life

Now that the St. Patrick’s Day festivities have come and gone and you’re stuck wondering why your head weighs 1,000 pounds, it’s time to put whatever portion of your paycheck you didn’t funnel into your liver towards fixing what is surely a mournful and apocalyptic hangover.

Luckily for you, the coffee wizards over at Espresso Smith have just the thing to streamline your transition from useless, sweaty mattress-clinger to the respectable, upright desk jockey you were in a former life. Behold: Whiskey Barrel Coffee.

What began as a passion project for caffeine impresario Tal Fishman is now your latest liquid savior. As the name suggests, Whiskey Barrel Coffee beans are small-batch aged in old bourbon casks, which allows the coffee and whiskey essences to mingle in a way that’ll kick-start your recovery while simultaneously feeding you some hair of the dog. Though this impulse buy will set you back a lofty 50 bucks, the potent elixir comes in an attractive, wax-sealed bottle, and, given the fact that you may have exposed yourself to a senior citizen yesterday, it’s about time you did something refined.

Espresso Smith also sells their booze-tinged coffee in snackable chocolate-coated bean form  if you’re brave enough to try solid food, that is.