Staring a fall full of new albums, new movies, and a handful of television premieres in the face is always a good position to be in when scheduling late night programming. This week, comedians of various backgrounds stop by the talk show circuit, and Interpol, Death From Above 1979 are among bands with new records rolling through to perform.


Top Music Picks

Monday, September 8 – Spoon on Letterman

Behold the return of Spoon. Spoon has been serving rock fans a fine sound since 2000, exploiting its rare mix of groove and melody and unexpected in a way that tickles fans and critics like few contemporary acts can. They have long been a regular contributor to the cool kids’ playlists, and music critics have been going gaga for the band since way before its most recently acclaimed album, “They Want My Soul.”

Monday, September 8 – Alicia Keys on Fallon

Even though Keys is about to pop out a new baby with husband Swizz Beatz, she refuses to stop creating. Her new track, “Why Are We Here,” is an empowering record that she previewed last week. Singing along her own played notes, Keys’ “Why Are We Here” feels like a return to form as the singer dons her signature long braids and the video finds her in front of the New York City skyline.

Tuesday, September 9 – Interpol on Letterman

After a small hiatus, Interpol is back with their fifth album, “El Pintor,” a vibrant version of their signature moody rock—and their first sans founding member and former bassist Carlos Dengler.

Wednesday, September 10 – Death From Above 1979 on Letterman

We’ve been waiting for dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 to come out with their second effort, and thankfully tomorrow’s release of “The Physical World,” will suffice our eagerness. It’s a punchy, blistering-yet-groovy and heavily distorted album that will undoubtedly prove worth the wait for DFA 1979 fans.

Thursday, September 11 – Chris Brown on Fallon

Chris Brown is a busy guy, and not always very likable. His sixth studio album “X” is set to hit shelves on September 16, and the 25-year-old, is quickly lining up his full promotional schedule, heading to primetime (Dancing With The Stars), late-night, and a performance on SNL.


Top Guest Picks

Monday, September 8 – Lena Dunham on Kimmel

She is often seen in the nude when playing the dramatic Hannah Horvath in “Girls.” But tonight the now platinum blonde star will grace the Kimmel stage most likely talking about the plastic surgery and fat joke she shared on twitter in honor of the late Joan Rivers.

Tuesday, September 9 – Jason Segel on Fallon

Segel first came to us as a character in Judd Apatow’s daftly underrated and short-lived TV classic “Freaks & Geeks.” Since then, he’s made us laugh time and time again, and has single-handedly brought The Muppets back to mainstream popularity. As for his latest silver-screen venture, “Sex Tape,” it seems like a long-shot to think it will live up to his past flicks.

Wednesday, September 10 – Nick Offerman on Fallon

What doesn’t this guy do? Offerman is probably best known for his part as manly-man Ron Swanson on the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” but this funny man has also penned a hilarious memoir, “Paddle Your Own Canoe,” and very proudly owns Offerman Woodshop. Yeah he does it all.

Thursday, September 11 – Jason Bateman on Letterman

Bateman’s no stranger to unlikable characters, and his role in “Longest Week,” is no different. In the flick, Jason Bateman plays a privileged and narcissistic New Yorker whose sole effort at productivity in life is his meandering work on a novel called “The Directionless Generation.”

Friday, September 12 – Mindy Kaling on Letterman

Cambridge native Mindy Kaling’s career never seems to lose steam. Critics generally adore “The Mindy Project” and Kaling continues to remain a friendly and seemingly real celebrity in the endless sea of lime-light hungry actors that grace our television sets and movie theater screens.