When you’ve been baking breakfast treats for nearly 65 years and you routinely sell 2.5 billion (yup, billion) donuts and Munchkins every year, what can you do to keep your customers eager to see what comes out of your ovens next?

If you’re Dunkin’ Donuts, you get creative.

Into a world increasingly populated by fantastical creations like croissant pretzels, churro cheesecake, and flagels (translation: the pizza bagel), Dunkin’ has released the Croissant Donut.

What exactly is a Croissant Donut?

Well, for starters, the new Dunkin’ Croissant Donut is a sweet and simple breakfast experience that brings together the best elements of Dunkin’ croissants and donuts.

With the new Croissant Donut, you get buttery and light layers of croissant-like pastry. Then these layers get the topped off with the classic Dunkin’ donut glaze that you love on its plain and chocolate glazed donuts. The result is a pastry that has a crisp outside but a soft and flaky inside.

Dunkin’ Donuts new Croissant Donut is available in local (and national) shops across the country. Stop by in the morning to get these special treats before they’re gone – each shops makes a limited amount of these treats every morning and they won’t last long.

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