When it comes to the subject of space savers in Boston, you’re hard pressed to find anything but hostility on the great wide Internet – that is, until yesterday.

A number of Somervillians noticed bright green flyers posted around their neighborhood utility poles yesterday that provided locals with a step-by-step instruction on how to behave like a human being through the worst of the winter. With space savers and slashed tires becoming more and more common, the posters are a reminder that this too shall pass.

The mini-movement was incited by artist Rachel MacCabe, who told the Boston Globe that she was inspired to create the simple graphic after her neighbor’s windshield wipers were vandalized, closely followed by her boyfriend’s tires being slashed by an unknown perp.

“People are just acting like animals. Even less civilized to an extent,” MacCabe told the source.

Simply put, her project asks locals to relax and remember that in a handful of months, this nightmare of a winter will pass.


This message is especially well-timed as Mayor Marty Walsh has officially called off space savers, instructing local garbage collection to clear them beginning on Monday as if they were ordinary trash. While Somerville has never allowed their residents to use space savers, it certainly hasn’t stopped people from trying.

“This snow is bringing out the worst in people for sure,” MacCabe said. “I was hoping we could reel them back into sanity.”

Will her efforts be heard by the community? It looks that way – Facebook page Massachusetts Memes has picked up the post and it’s been shared nearly a thousand times. Keep spreading the love, Boston, and remember that summer will get here come hell or high snow.

[h/t Boston Globe]