On Tuesday, a Pamela Ribon, a television writer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, found a Barbie book entitled “The Barbie I Can Be a Computer Engineer.” Sounds pretty great. There is no way sexism could worm it’s way into a book on a computer engineering, right?

It turns out that in the book Barbie isn’t so much a computer engineer, but a computer virus distributor who needs Steven and Brian’s help to fix everything she breaks. The book manages to hammer home every gender stereotype ever.

But don’t worry, Barbie heard the complaints and issued a statement on Facebook:

Thanks for clearing that up, Corporate PR Barbie. Apparently gender stereotypes were fine in 2010, but Barbie has turned a new leaf… except you know, earlier on Tuesday.

Barbie might be a capable computer engineer, but she sure can’t decide which sparkly shoes to put on her feet. Hopefully Steven and Brian are still available to help her with this big decision.