Two facts about giant pandas: They are unbelievably cute, and they are notoriously picky about their mates.

They are so picky, in fact, that China has spent billions on researching panda breeding habits in the hopes of increasing the bears’ dwindling population numbers.

Thanks to this video, a trailer for PBS’s upcoming five-part series Earth – A New Wild, we now know even more about giant pandas. Baby ones, specifically.

1. Baby pandas are not camera shy.

baby panda gif 1

2. They love to snuggle.

baby panda gif 3

3. They’ll sleep anywhere.

baby panda gif 4

Even the doctor can’t handle the cuteness.

baby panda gif 5

Earth – A New Wild premieres on Wednesday, February 4 at 9/8c. Tune in if you like nature, learning stuff, and baby pandas.