There was a time when snowstorms meant a day off, but now thanks to a little thing called the Internet, we have the great pleasure of squeezing in a work day from the comfort of our own homes. So while you’re there, why not soak in some of these comforts and treat the day as a little something special in the midst of the disaster outside? Here are a few ways to stay focused (and a few ways to distract yourself) while dealing with the effects of cabin fever.

1. Despite temptation, avoid working in pajamas
I know this may suck a bit of fun out working from your room, but getting dressed like a pillow will only lead to a lethargic working style. You may want to avoid working in your bed for similar reasons. Slippers are cool, though. You know what they say, “Warm feet, work complete.”

2. Take multiple showers
Some people do their best thinking in the shower. While soaking in the hot rains of your porcelain spacecraft, you could come up with the next big marketing campaign, construct a sales pitch in your head, or write a song as universally recognized as “Happy Birthday.”

3. Play music without headphones
This one’s for you, guy who wears black clothes to work every day. You can now play your Norwegian black metal in peace.

4. Treat yo’self to a delicious lunch
Raid the fridge and build yourself a sandwich that would make Guy Fieri sweat pure gravy.

5. Clean on work breaks
If you work from your bedroom, you will surely be irked by the slightest lack of tidiness. Take five minute breathers from your online quest to fold some laundry, run the vacuum, or reorganize your bedside table. A clean house is a clean mind.

6. Work with the TV on
This one’s funny because it sounds like a special treat until you’re reminded that daytime TV is really bad. Still, after a few rounds of “SportsCenter,” lighten the mood a bit with some “Jerry Springer” or “Judge Judy.” If nothing else, it will remind you on Monday why you go to work in the first place.

7. Dance for exercise
This tip was borrowed from an interview we did with Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver last fall. She recommends that you bust bold moves in front of a mirror to get your heart rate moving and to have some fun. To make it more effective, she adds, “I make goals for myself, too, like, ‘I have to dance for two whole songs without stopping,’ or, ‘I’m going to do something really hard until the first chorus, and then take a little break in the second verse.'”

8. Start dinner early
Just like lunch, craft something that would earn gold on “Chopped.” Speaking of which, you could kill two birds with one stone here. Keep Food Network on in the background while you work all day, then attempt to cook something that you learned from a show. If anything, the olfactory hues emanating from the kitchen might be the extra bit of motivation you need to finish up work for the day.