An old friend comes to call.

20 years ago, I was an undergrad at Northeastern University. I was also the Program Director of their little 12-watt radio station WRBB. That meant I was in charge of all the DJs–there were many–and scheduling their shows. Like any PD, I had my favorites. And one of them was Rock Malone.

This kid would come up the street from Berklee with a bunch of crazy music in tow, a rotating cast of sidekicks in studio on the phone, and one of the biggest personalities imaginable. After two decades MIA, he reached out to me. He was going to be in Boston! So I said: come make radio with me.

We did. And it was real and raw and glorious.

Check out Rock Malone’s Six Songs. Dude’s a legend.

Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution

The KillsDoing It To Death

Bon Iver10 dEAThbREasT

Cocteau TwinsCherry-coloured Funk

Volcano ChoirTiderays

Daft PunkTouch It/Technologic” (live)