“…and we’re listening to The Clash…”

Lenny Lashley is a Boston punk rocker, through and through. He founded Darkbuster in 1996, revived the band last year, and is also currently a member of Street Dogs. We talked music, sobriety, and more. Check out our chat and Lenny’s playlist, and don’t forget to catch Darkbuster at The Sinclair on August 27. Click here to grab your tickets.

Lenny’s Six Songs:

Bob DylanThe Times They Are A-Changin’

RamonesDo You Wanna Dance?

The ClashHateful

Cheap Girls7-8 Years

Old Firm CasualsEternal City

DarkbusterJimmy Needs

Stay tuned, as later this summer I’ll welcome fellow Boston punk Tim Brennan of Dropkick Murphys for the next edition of Six Songs.