2016, the year Six Songs went punk.

Really, though. So far this year, I’ve hosted Boston punks Duncan Wilder Johnson, Lenny Lashley, and Tim Brennan. Add the legendary Dave Tree to the list. We talked plenty about Dave’s latest musical endeavor, See This World, and his art (he has a show this Saturday night) and politics. And I even got him to tell the story about how he was fired from WBCN back in the day. Dave played plenty of Boston hardcore and rock, too.

Here’s Dave’s playlist:

The FreezeTime Bomb/This Is Boston, Not L.A.

DYSCity To City

Gang GreenAlcohol

Sam Black ChurchBig Barbeque

StompboxNo Woods

HonkeyballSo Called Friends

Check out the video for See This World’s latest single, “Down”