Boston’s Beatles expert sat down with me before taking the stage at Symphony Hall.

Cha-Chi Loprete is a Boston radio legend. Known for years for his work at the legendary rock of Boston, WBCN, Cha-Chi has been at Boston’s WZLX hosting Breakfast with the Beatles since 2005. On Thursday, June 8, he’ll return to the stage at Symphony Hall for The Beatles & Beyond with The Boston Pops. Cha-Chi and I talked Beatles, Pops and more and played a half-dozen of his most treasured tunes from the Fab Four. Plus, we were joined live by the maestro Steve Hackman.

Here’s Cha-Chi’s Six (Beatles) Songs, in handy-dandy playlist form.

Every month, someone much cooler than me comes in to play Six Songs. Case in point: last month’s guest, the man they call Tape.