Mark Wahlberg has been in the news for his attempts to receive a pardon for crimes he committed over 26 years ago, when he hit one Vietnamese man in the head with a wooden stick and another in the face, using racial slurs like “slant-eyed gooks” throughout. Now he’s back to hitting people in the head again, but this time it’s on national television.

Wahlberg appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” last night and played a game of high-stakes blackjack — a clever way to promote Wahlberg’s upcoming movie “The Gambler,” which will hit theaters Christmas Day. The duo weren’t playing for millions, though. Instead, the winner got to hit the loser in the head with a giant prosthetic hand.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but was a game where Wahlberg hits people in the head really the best idea when everyone and their mother is learning (or re-learning) about Wahlberg’s felonious past? Maybe the winner should have dumped water on the loser in an homage to “The Perfect Storm” instead, or maybe the loser should have been forced to watch “The Happening.” Anything but hitting someone in the face.

The poor timing of it all called to mind the Good Morning Ferguson sketch cut from last weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The only difference? This is real life.

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