Hate someone? Have a disposable income? The Internet has a present for you.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter is the latest startup that enables passive aggressive people to take revenge on their mid-level enemies – you know, the people that you want to see visibly annoyed but not necessarily taken care of Sopranos style. At only $9.99 in Australian currency (think around $8 out of your pocket), you can spite that “bi**h Amy down the road who thinks it’s cool to invite you to High Tea but not provide any weed,” according to their website.

Point taken.

This is just an new spin on an old classic – after all, there are online outlets that allow disgruntled no-names to send their enemies poop from the rectum of any earthly creature or have struggling twenty-something folk singers compose a “revenge song,” but something about this glittery revenge feels special.

Here’s the catch – not only can you ruin someone’s deftly understated living room for the forseeable future with the stuff, the service also allows users to attach a note informing the recipient exactly why they’re getting a face full of burlesque show.

Suggested template: “Dear Neighbor, Glad to hear you’ve taken up the alto saxophone! Sincerely, Neighbor.”

[h/t Business Insider]