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“The gum you like is going to come back in style!” It was the phrase initially muttered in some nonsensical language by a short dancing man, but to “Twin Peaks” fans, it’s all we need to hear from co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost to ignite another round of speculation for the show’s return to the screen.

Recently, there have been various hints dropped by David Lynch that would lead one to believe that there is more for “Twin Peaks” in the future. Earlier this year, a mysterious casting call was posted for a “Twin Peaks Promo” by David Lynch.  Last year, Lynch even told cast member Ray Wise that a re-boot of the series was not out of the realm of possibility, saying during a gala at the Orange County Museum of Modern Arts, “Well, Ray, you know, the town is still there. And I suppose it’s possible that we could revisit it. Of course, you’re already dead (…) but we could maybe work around that.“

But the owls aren’t always what they seem.

…..Or are they??? Today, Lynch and Frost tweeted the same thing, and “Twin Peaks” fans hopped on it like hyenas:


“Twin Peaks” first grabbed audiences with its odd style, outlandish characters, and overlying mystery in 1990 upon its premiere, but has captured the attention of a new younger audience in recent years due to its upload to Netflix. Since then, in typical cult show fashion, fans have taken every cue possible to continuously start up the rumor about its return. Welp, you can classify us as fans. As a matter of fact, if these rumors are true, you might even see us doing some kind of dance like this: