Wrapping up our month-long series featuring songs and videos that hit us in the feels.

Earlier this month, you met James Burrows, the autistic teen from Maryland whose music inspired singer-songwriter Emma Ballantine to share his story. It was a fitting start to this series, as April is Autism Awareness Month.

Then it was Parisi & RZA’s provocative “No Refuge,” which put the international refugee crisis into focus.

Now, we’d like to share with you the latest video from Public Service Broadcasting, the London duo who composes music around samples and clips of old public information films and archival audio. “Progress” is from their forthcoming album Every Valley, a concept album described by J Willgoose, Esq. as inspired by “abandoned and neglected communities across the western world,” which have led to a “malignant, cynical and calculating brand of politics.”

Hits close to home in some ways, doesn’t it? So the question is this: do you believe in progress? We do. And we believe in this song, too.