This is fun for the whole family, bro.

In a video of a boating trip viewed nearly 300,000 times since it was posted on September 17, a Massachusetts man filmed his non-rhotic reaction to something in the water. Michael Bergin didn’t have a clue what it was. Over the course of the five-minute video, the maritime creature went from being a sea turtle to a baby whale to a floundahh to a “what the [expletive] is that?”

Bergin probably hasn’t made it to the New England Aquarium recently, that much is clear. But in this reinvention of a vintage TV ad — created by Matt Karolian, Boston Globe Media’s Social Media Director  — a rosy-cheeked Carter-era family spends a day at the Aquarium soundtracked by Michael “We’re caulin’ the coast gaahhhd” Bergin himself.

Update: This video has been removed.