You think snow is your ally? But you merely adopted the snow; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the sidewalk until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDNESS — whoa, sorry, got a little weird there for a minute. It really needs to stop snowing. Here’s some stuff to do this weekend if you’re still up for sitting in traffic or waiting forever for the T or stepping in icy puddles on every street corner. It really needs to stop snowing.

Friday, February 6 – “Art”
Babson College and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company present a staged reading of “Art” by Yasmina Reza, featuring Seth Gilliam from The Wire. Three longtime friends find their friendship challenged when one of them indulges a penchant for modern art by spending a fortune on a large, all-white painting, prompts the friends to explore what constitutes “art.” So it’s basically The Emperor’s New Clothes crossed with that time someone laughed at me for having a moment with a Mark Rothko painting that, to be fair, just looks like a couple of smudgy squares. But it’s about what the smudgy squares make you feel, man. The reading is free, but seating is limited and reservations are recommended. (8 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Friday, February 6 – John Reilly and Friends
Yes, the John Reilly in question is in fact actor John C. Reilly. But he’ll be playing music instead of acting at Friday’s American Roots series at Somerville’s Center for Arts at the Armory, and his friends are unfortunately not the cast and crew of Boogie Nights. Reilly will be joined by Becky Stark (songbird of Lavender Diamond), Tom Brosseau (an exceptional singer songwriter) Sebastian Steinberg (upright bassist extraordinaire) and other special guests in a set filled with eternal folk songs, classic country tunes, bluegrass standards, and yeah, at least a few Dewey Cox jokes. (8:30 p.m., $22-25, all ages)

Friday to Monday, February 6-16 – Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Boston is home to America’s oldest tavern (the Bell in Hand), oldest restaurant (Union Oyster House), and oldest man ever to throw a hissy fit because Market Basket was out of dino-shaped chicken nuggets and only had the regular kind (me). But did you know the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival is the country’s oldest genre film festival? The 11-day festival at the Somerville Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary with nine days of film screenings that emphasize emerging directors with distinct visions from around the globe, and concludes with The Marathon (a.k.a., “The ‘Thon”), a 24-hour orgiastic motion picture endurance test featuring classic, new and schlock films. (5 p.m., $12.75/screening, various ages)

Saturday, February 7 – Purple Rain Listening Party and Podcast Recording
After another inoffensive and mildly entertaining Super Bowl halftime show, it’s pretty obvious no one will ever top Prince’s raw and exhilarating 2007 performance that closed with “Purple Rain” in the middle of a rainstorm. Catalyst Comedy (a rare Boston BYOB venue) pays tribute to the Purple Rain album with a vinyl listening party followed by a live taping of the Theory for Turntables podcast. Hosts Matt Wrather and Ryan Sheely will dissect the now 30-year-old classic, addressing such questions as “What does it actually sound like when doves cry?” and “What does it mean for the rain to be purple? Is Grimace peeing on us?” (8 p.m., $10-15, all ages)

Saturday, February 7 – Sweets for Your Sweetie
With sincere apologies to all the single people who don’t want to hear about a BS Hallmark holiday engineered to make you feel alone and worthless, we’re going to drop some Valentine’s Day events on you. Sure it’s still a week away, but the key to a successful V-Day gift is planning. You don’t think your significant other can see right through your lame heart-shaped box of chocolates obviously purchased at the last minute from the CVS down the street? Not that chocolate is a bad idea, especially if its from Taza Chocolate and double-especially if it’s paired with marshmallows from Sweet Lydia’s and velvety goat milk caramel from Fat Toad Farm. Get a taste for yourself at Taza’s Sweets for Your Sweetie event Saturday at the chocolatier’s Somerville factory. (1 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, February 8 – Local is for Lovers Market
OK, so we’re good on Valentine’s gifts then, right? No? You ate all the candy you bought on Saturday and came back to re-read this post and see if I had any other ideas? I’d probably start with practicing better self-control, you maniac, and then stop by Sunday’s Somerville Local First Local is for Lovers Market. The free marketplace showcases gift ideas from 30 local vendors, from Somerville Soap Works to Singing Stones Jewelry to Q’s Nuts. Just resist the urge to say “You know what tastes even better than Q’s Nuts? Deeeeeeeezzzzz nuts!!!” Self-control, people. (10 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, February 8 – Day in the Life of a Cider Maker
Charlestown’s Downeast Cider kicks off its Day in the Life of a Cider Maker series with a free live demonstration from cider maker Michael Afonso. The series of future workshops is designed to educate and entertain those interested in learning how to make cider at home, but this is only an introduction so it’ll probably start with boring stuff like what time he sets his alarm for, how many times he hits snooze, whether he puts his shirt or pants on first and how he takes his coffee. This stuff is important. They’ll get to the cider making eventually. (3 p.m., FREE, 21+)

Photo credit: Taza Chocolate/Creative Commons


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