The top dog in San Francisco today isn’t Mayor Ed Lee — it’s a six-pound rescue dog named Frida.

san fran dog mayor 2

According to CityLab, Frida’s coronation as head honcho of the City by the Bay will become official this afternoon in a ceremony at the park across from City Hall held by the Board of Supervisors and attended by hundreds of San Franciscans and their canine companions.

What makes Frida so special? What does she have that other dogs don’t? Does she have what it takes to be Mayor? Frida’s owner, Dean Clark, makes no bones about it.

“She’s a chihuahua mix, a rescue dog, who weighs—she’s near me and might bite me if I give you the wrong number—I’m going to say about six pounds,” says Frida’s owner, Dean Clark, a retired schoolteacher from South San Francisco. “She’s a very fair-tempered, wonderful dog,” he adds — qualities that “we don’t always get” in two-legged officeholders.

It seems like only yesterday we were writing about a dog running for Mayor of Oakland. (It was actually a month ago, but who’s counting?) Clearly there’s something in the water in San Francisco Bay — or at least something in the toilet water.

san fran dog mayor 3

[h/t CityLab]