Nothing like mother-approved wholesome actresses sharing their favorite swear words over late night TV. That’s exactly what happened last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Sally Field and Julia Roberts participated in a “Celebrity Curse Off,” trading off bleeped out vulgarities (even though it’s pretty easy to translate) while Kimmel chuckled like a a caveman.

Going into the fight, we would’ve given the edge to Erin Brockovich, even though Sally Field was a real wretched asshole in “Mrs. Doubtfire” (who divorces Robin Williams?). What occurred was quite the opposite. Julia Roberts seemed really confused about the rules (which is silly because it was pretty straightforward), while Field couldn’t wait to use words that she would have never tolerated as Miranda Hillard, and some of which she didn’t even really know, but rather, “got from her son.” That’s always a good idea. Anyway, Sally Field crushes it and shows the world that she may not be the squeaky clean mom-type we all thought she was.