He thought nobody would recognize him in his Batman costume, but clearly Ben Affleck is having a rough day, and is making it clear all over Boston. Things just aren’t really going his way today, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it. If, by any chance, you see any more pictures of The Cape Cod Crusader around Boston, please send them our way, this is serious business, people.

This is suspiciously similar to the foul mood Kanye West was in while in Boston last week….

Sad Ben Affleck tried renting a Hubway bike, but didn’t have a hundred bucks in his bank account for a deposit.

Sad Ben Affleck went to Blanchard’s in Allston to find the new Narragansett Del’s Summer Shandy, but they were all out.

Sad Ben Affleck doesn’t have a blinkah on the Sad Batmobile.

Sad Ben Affleck read the Globe Spotlight Series on Allston Landlords and found out that he just signed a new lease with Anwar Faisal

Sad Ben Affleck is regretting his decision to eat at Wahlburgers

Sad Ben Affleck’s graduation speaker is Deval Patrick. Is there no such thing as creativity anymore?

Even Ben Affleck gets sad about casting decisions. Channing Tatum looks like a potato…

Sad Ben Affleck tried using the Red Line to get to work. We all know how that feels.