This weekend’s events are going to require your full footwear arsenal: Roller skates for the disco, flip flops for the beach, Chucks for indie music festivals, and whatever you’d wear riding a bike in 1883 for the 1883 bike ride. Leather wingtips, maybe? Sounds like blister city. Probably just go with sneakers.

Thursday, July 17 – Trailer Treats
The Brattle Theatre’s annual summer celebration, Trailer Treats digs out some fabulous (and fabulously horrible) trailers from its collection, paired with delicious BBQ and Narragansett beer. Are there directors who specialize in cutting trailers? If there are, they probably all work for HBO — not that HBO doesn’t have good shows, but the previews for “The Leftovers” made it seem like the greatest series of all time. I want HBO to make a trailer for the next six months of my life just to hype it up in advance of the inevitable crushing disappointment. (6 p.m., $12-22, all ages)

Friday, July 18 – Donna Summer Roller Disco Party
Nothing against Boston Calling, the Scooper Bowl, or sports championship rallies, but this might be the coolest re-purposing of City Hall Plaza’s concrete desert: Together Boston’s Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Tribute Party will feature a full roller-skating rink, skate rentals, music by DJ Kon and Friends, a mobile dance floor art installation, famous drag queens, and probably a lot of flashbacks to fifth grade when the roller skating rink was the place to be on Friday nights and you worked up the nerve to ask your crush to hold hands for the “couples’ skate” and why is my hand so sweaty? Is her hand also sweaty and it’s both of our sweats combining? At what point do we release and wipe our hands on our jeans? I hope it’s soon. (6 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Friday, July 18 – Boston Young Contemporaries Opening Reception
Boston University’s 808 Gallery hosts the ninth annual Boston Young Contemporaries exhibition showcasing 75 students and recent grads from more than a dozen MFA programs around Boston and New England. If you enjoy yourself, feel free to break into an updated rendition of Michael Jackson’s “PYT”: I want to love you, BYC, Boston Young Contemporaries! Or, fine, just be boring and stare solemnly at the art then say “Interesting piece.” (6 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Friday to Sunday, July 18-20 – Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival
Did you know Revere Beach is America’s oldest public beach? Although, to be fair, all the beaches were public before the Europeans showed up with their speedos and strange ideas about property rights and tried to get some sun alongside the Native Americans. “Hey Chief, you need to borrow a beach towel? Use this one, it’s definitely NOT riddled with smallpox. Who wants to get a volleyball game going?” More than 350 tons of sand was loaded onto the beach for the 11th annual Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival, featuring works from 15 master sand sculptors plus fireworks, food trucks, and more. (10 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Saturday, July 19 – Red Bull 1883 Ride
Boston was once one of the country’s most bicycle-friendly cities, pretty much right up until the automobile was invented and people realized they could act like assholes behind the wheel, then just drive away, because what are you going to do, catch me on your bike? Good luck with that, Lance Armstrong. In Saturday’s Red Bull 1883 Ride, 40 teams of three will start from Boston Common — just like the spectacular city-sponsored race in 1883 — racing to hit 10 landmarks from the city’s cycling heyday. Registration is free and first-come, first-served, and you don’t need a fancy old-timey bike. (12 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Saturday, July 19 – Jamaica Plain Porchfest
Why you gotta jock Somerville’s swagger, JP? At least have the decency to call your free neighborhood music festival DrivewayFest or something so it’s not obvious you stole the idea from your older, wiser, better-looking neighbors to the north. JP Porchfest will feature more than 55 bands in a wide variety of genres playing on 30 stages, plus an after-party with all-you-can-eat pizza at the Milky Way. And keep an eye out for Somerville’s revenge: Opening in spring 2015, the new Assembly Square Arboretum. You stole our Porchfest, we’re stealing your arboretum, deal with it. (12 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Saturday, July 19 – Starlabfest V
The fifth annual Starlabfest Music and Arts Festival from Somerville’s Starlab recording studio will take place at two locations in Union Square, featuring a dozen bands, short films, comedy, flea markets, free burgers and dogs, and $3 Gansett tallboys. I went last year and it’s also a great chance to reaffirm your place on the Hipster Relativity Scale. If you miss it, probably just wait until next year for JP’s rip-off version. (10 a.m., $10, all ages)

Saturday, July 19 – Puppet Showplace Slam
This isn’t your typical kids’ puppet show, which is to say it’s not the Muppets and will not feature my spirit animal, the Swedish Chef. The Puppet Showplace Slam at Brookline’s Puppet Showplace Theater is an evening of theatrical mini-plays that use (or abuse) puppets for all or part of the drama. Don’t go crossing off all puppets just because you’re creeped out by the puppets on wires in those DirectTV commercials. Those things are so annoying I wouldn’t even let them in my Framily Plan. (8 p.m., $13-15, all ages)

Photo credit: Eric Kilby/Creative Commons


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