How long does it take a robot to run 100 yards? How long does it take to appreciate a piece of art? And how long until you figure out which cast member is drunk in a serious Shakespeare play? Find out the answers to these questions and so much more this weekend around Boston.

Friday, April 10 – Shit-Faced Shakespeare
Are you a fan of shows where people get drunk, like not just acting drunk but actually drunk? I’m pretty much just talking about Drunk History, but how good is that show, right? I like the parts when they’re drunk. Making its stateside premiere at the Davis Square Theatre after six years of shows across the United Kingdom, Shit-Faced Shakespeare combines an entirely serious play by the Bard with an entirely inebriated cast member. And if you know anything about getting drunk, I don’t need to tell you it results in a much higher probability of someone singing the Dawson’s Creek theme song in the middle of what was supposed to be Hamlet/your uncle’s funeral. (10 p.m., $20, 21+)

Friday, April 10 – Boston Bike Party: The Birds and the Bees
It’s spring and the birds and bees are back from wherever they go during winter (TAKE ME WITH YOU) and the streets are once again passable for the bikers of Boston. Boston Bike Party celebrates with a Birds and the Bees theme for this month’s ride, venturing out in costume from Copley Square on Friday night. Say what you will about the males of our species, but the best that bird pick-up artists have come up with is just going outside and yelling “I’m ready, ladies! It’s springtime and I’m right over here! Let’s do this!” I mean unless they can sing. Nobody can resist a songbird. You’ve seen the way your mom lights up when she sees Harry Connick, Jr. on TV. (7:30 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Saturday, April 11 – Slow Art Day
National Slow Art Day 2015 returns to area museums Saturday, urging participants to gather and look at five pieces of art for — stay with me here — ten minutes each. I know, I know, you could read so many BuzzFeed listicles in that time. But what if one was headlined “One Weird Trick That Will Change The Way You Think About Art” and it promised to help you discover the joy of looking at and loving art, yes even contemporary art that you previously dismissed because, whatever, you could draw that? Give it a shot at the MFA, Harvard Art Museums, MIT List Visual Arts Center, and more. (Various times and prices, all ages)

Saturday, April 11 – Slideluck Boston: Technology & Art
If you read the last event description and thought “Sounds great. Is there food?” then no, there’s no food, why would there be food? The point is to stop listening to your tummy noises for one second and — actually, your tummy noises are distracting the other museum patrons. Maybe Slideluck Boston is more your speed. Nonprofit organization Slideluck combines a potluck dinner plus complimentary beer and wine with slideshows of art by emerging and established artists. This is the first Slideluck event in New England, tackling the theme of Technology & Art. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, April 12 – Robot Race and 5K
Just to clarify about Sunday’s Robot Race and 5K near Alewife Station in Cambridge: Robots aren’t running a 5K, haha, only a 100-yard dash, I guess because that’s the distance we’ve decided won’t terrify people into staying very far away. The robot race will follow a chip-timed human 5K race, a race in the sense that there will be prizes for the winners, but also the more general race against time and our inevitable robot overlord future. Tell you what, if you get together a bunch of robots who can run even 100 yards in one place, I’m running a 5K in the opposite direction whether you’re timing me or not. (9 a.m., $20-25, all ages)

Sunday, April 12 – Lamb Jam Boston
You knew that a lamb was just a young sheep, not a whole separate species, obviously. Of course you did. You definitely didn’t just learn that from Wikipedia. The American Lamb Jam brings together 20 chefs from Boston, Portland, Providence, and Portsmouth, in an epic tasting event and competition that pays tribute to the meat so delicious we gave it a special name, to the confusion of no one, like I said, we all went to elementary school here. Try each chef’s entry for Best Lamb Dish in New England, along with beer, wine, and a DIY lamb spice rub station. (3 p.m., $60, all ages)

Sunday, April 12 to Friday, May 1 – 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble
Weren’t you just thinking that you want to start seeing more local music, and wouldn’t it be nice if someone could put together some shows with the area’s up-and-coming bands, and oh also frame it as some sort of competition to satisfy your craving for manufactured drama and conflict in all of your entertainment? The annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble is back for 2015 with three weeks, nine nights, and 24 bands facing off in a battle royale for local rock supremacy. T.T. the Bear’s Place hosts Sunday’s opening night pre-party and the first night of preliminaries, featuring Mister Vertigo, The Rare Occasions, Band Without Hands, and Nemes. (8 p.m., $8-12, 18+)

Photo credit: Shit-Faced Shakespeare


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