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While MK’s Nervous System has definitely crafted a few tracks with some hooky, semi-catchy type melodies, the overall collection entitled, “Instrumental Archive,” sounds overwhelmingly repetitive and overtly simple. There’s obviously a strict musical formula that MK’s uses when piecing together each track. Minimalist guitar picking in repeated instrumentation, cue the drums, then add a more searing style guitar line. I think I made a similar type song when I first learned how to use Garage Band too.  The album begins almost hesitantly, with “Old Style,” a song that sounds out of time, and not on purpose; the guitar almost playing catch up or quite obviously trying to keep time, but proving unable to.  The instrumental album gets better towards its end where riffs get a little heavier and more distorted, showing that there is some life behind this “Instrumental Archive,” but ultimately falling short of any real musical accolades.