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A colleague of mine once told me that he hates all indie rock because, in his mind, all indie rock bands aspire only to get their songs played in the backgrounds of car commercials. He’s wrong, but he’s not crazy. Consider the follow-up to 2012’s quirked-out “Parcells’ Beauty Shoppe” LP from this somewhat enigmatic Dover/NYC/Boston-based syndicate. “Dennett St.” brushes against power pop sublimity with “Want to Want” and “Shadow Chateau.” Then, over-polished, crossover-friendly jaunts “So I Won’t” and “Deja Vu, Again” might as well be auditioning for a licensing deal and exposure in a youth-culture-oriented designer jeans TV ad. Presumably, Blue Plutos’s food, rent, and student loans aren’t free, so let’s hope one of those tracks winds up used for coaxing skinny people to buy pants.