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Ever wish there was a way to know all the hip art openings, film screenings, and creative events going on around Boston without having to troll all of the hipster websites and hopefully stumble upon a show that my peak your interest? Look no further than ArtAppBoston+. ArtAppBoston+ features the a diverse, comprehensive and customizable listing of visual art and more in Boston and beyond. Users can set their browse by venue, artist, city,  and by art medium preference in order to curate a solid list of happening art events in their city. Functionality wise, the site works impeccably, never flailing as I browsed by venue name and by art category. The folks at ArtAppBoston+ are definitely on to something with the added customizable feature of the website and app. Now you don’t have browse through a bunch of events that are happening at venues you don’t want to go to because you can narrow searches down specific to your favorite venues, or be notified when a particular artist that you have favorited is showing locally. With a little help further monetizing the site and app, ArtAppBoston+ could quite possibly prove a very useful tool in connecting people with the art in their community.