A reporter covering a soccer game was interrupted by an obscenity shouted into her microphone. But instead of letting the group of guys get away with it, the reporter confronted them.

Having dealt with people pulling this crude prank countless times (Google “FHRITP” if you’d like to know the NSFW thing he shouted) Shauna Hunt stopped her coverage of the Toronto FC vs. Houston Dynamo game to call out the group of fans.

“Were you guys waiting around to say that on live TV?” Hunt asked a friend of the guy who quoted the meme. “Can I ask why you would want to do something like that?”

“I think it’s quite substantial,” he replied.


Once he was put on the spot, one guy in the group got defensive.


Hunt stressed how disgusting and degrading it is for women. Specifically female reporters who have had to deal with this prank since it first surfaced on the web in January 2014.

“I’m sick of this, I get this everyday from rude guys like you,” Hunt told the men. “When you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, it’s disrespectful.”

Hunt’s frustrations were heard loud and clear by Toronto FC, who are actively trying to investigate the fans who will be banned for life from attending games at the stadium and plan to offer additional security for female reporters. Hunt is grateful for the response.

According to the National Post, one of the men in the video has been fired from his job.